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CROFT Windscreen Glass Coating Rain Water Repellant (20ml)


Pack Type Value Size
Country of Origin Malaysia
Weight 20g
Shelf Life 24 months
Formulation Liquid
Volume 20ml
Stock 866
Ships From Selangor

Using water beading technology to repel rain water & improve driving visibility. Specially formulated concentrated solution for front & rear windshield, side window, wing mirror, and headlight.

  • Easy to apply, quick drying solution

  • Enhanced water beading technology

  • Suitable for all types of cars

  • Apply every 30 days for optimum results

  • 1 bottle (20ml) = 1 sedan car

  • Doesn’t build up with multiple applications

How to Use:

1. Shake well before use
2. Apply directly to a soft paper towel
3. Wipe onto a dry surface, one section at a time
4. Rinse with water & wipe it dry to remove any excessive coating

Tip: Use a paper towel, microfiber cloth or tissue paper to apply the windscreen coating. Glass MUST BE clean & dry before using the coating solution. NOT suitable for coated or painted surfaces. 

Storage: Store in a well ventilated place. Keep cool. 
Prevention: Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep away from flames & hot surfaces. No smoking. Wear protective gloves. 
Response: If the product gets into eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If eye irritation persists, seek medical attention. 

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